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Your Personality/Leadership Style

personality style

The internet is often swarmed with new terms that get us scratching our heads like - 'what is this even supposed to mean?' Just like that 'golden retriever' personality, 'cat personality' etc come up frequently. So, I decided to explain each and now you can find out what is your personality/leadership style -

LION: Picture the Lion, king of the jungle, and the boardroom! They're all about goals, laser-focused on success, but sometimes, that determination can make them roar a bit too loud. They charge ahead like they're in a race against the clock, forgetting that it's not just about the finish line; it's about the wild journey and the team alongside.

Sure, the Lions are powerhouse leaders, but they need a sprinkle of empathy in their roar. It's like adding a mane to their heart! Softening that roar can make a huge difference; after all, nobody likes getting pounced on at work. Patience is their secret weapon—they've got to realize that teamwork isn't just about sprinting; it's about doing the cha-cha together.

Strengths: Problem Solver, Bold, direct communication, Decision maker, Strong-willed,

Independent, self-reliant, Action-oriented, persistent, Likes authority, Confident

Motto: “Do it now!”

Stressed: Becomes a dictator

Under Pressure: Lashes out

OTTER: Otters are the party animals of the bunch! They thrive on being social butterflies, but their carefree words can accidentally sting. They've got a ton of friends, but sometimes their connections might skim the surface.

Messy rooms and a "hurry up and get it done" attitude? That's their signature move, but it doesn't always lead to perfect results. Promises flow like confetti, but finishing them? That might need a little reminder.

Like Tigger bouncing around, they're all about the fun! But taking a moment to pause, reflect, and consider before diving into the next big thing could keep the party rolling smoothly!

Strengths: Enthusiastic, Visionary, inspirational, Energetic, Friendly, group-oriented, Enjoys creativity, new ideas, Spontaneous

Mottos: “Close enough” or “Trust me, it will work out.”

Stressed: They need to be allowed to be vocal/ verbal without judgment.

Under Pressure: They verbally attack.

Golden Retriever: Golden Retrievers are the heartwarming pals of the animal kingdom! They thrive on deep connections and create cozy, harmonious spaces. They're great listeners but might avoid tough conversations.

Their spaces are snug and tidy, reflecting their love for comfort. They take their time with tasks, aiming for perfection. However, saying "no" isn't their forte, often preferring to keep the peace.

Promises are sacred to them, but they might overlook their own needs. Just like a warm blanket, they offer comfort but might need a gentle reminder to prioritize themselves too!

Strengths: Loyalty, Compassion, Supportive, Non-demanding, patient, Accommodating, Creating Harmony, Deep Connections

Motto: "Love and Loyalty above all."

When Stressed: Seeks Harmony, Avoids Conflict

Under Pressure: Sacrifices Needs, Prioritizes Others

Cats : Cats are the enigmatic rebels of the animal kingdom! They value independence above all else, controlling their space with meticulous precision. Despite their aloof exterior, they form deep connections with a chosen few, though they'll never admit they need anyone.

Their spaces? Impeccably organized, reflecting their desire for control and order. Tasks are tackled at their own leisurely pace, focusing on quality rather than speed. However, coaxing them into action might prove a challenge!

Promises from cats? They'll consider it if it aligns with their plans, but otherwise, it's out of sight, out of mind.

Strengths: Independence, Mysteriousness, Precision, Deep, Chosen Bonds, Self-sufficiency, Adaptability

Motto: "My rules, my way."

When Stressed: Seeks Solitude, Disengages

Under Pressure: Vanishes, Withdraws Completely

So which one did you connect with? Let us know in the comments or like this if it resonated <3

Love & Light,


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