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We are all Blessed

Life is all about working towards what you want while you are grateful for what you already have . I understand a lot of you want to manifest miracles in your life and the other lot of you are trying really hard to manifest- but may be wondering why it isn't coming towards you . Let's break the ice . Think of a person in your life that you did so much for , gave so much and constantly worked towards bringing a smile on their face but you were left unappreciated and your efforts weren't acknowledged . For how long did you try ? After a certain time you did give up or atleast the thought of giving up may have cropped up , right ? Now think of the universe or god or whatever the supreme power you believe in as you - despite having given so much luxury in life if we as humans are only complaining and are being greedy and only wanting more without appreciating what we already have - for how long do you think that supreme power is going to continue to shower you with blessings ? If you are able to read this article today , believe me you are blessed than so many people out there . It's time we look at our lives as a blessing and show true gratitude towards it . Your life is someone else's dream . Your life could have been worse , right ? Yes , having said all this I totally do acknowledge the difficulties or struggles that each one of you may be going through . Now, that's where the trick is - our struggles groom us and it makes us work towards what we want . Life is an art of balance . Be happy with what you got today because there can be a day that you may not even have the least of what you have now . While you work and put in your efforts towards what you want to achieve in life . Yeah , now you may come back at me and say that you understand all of this but you are finding it hard to truly show gratitude . Don't worry I have a fix for it too. This is a trick that i have been following from a really young age ( I absolutely have no memory of from where I picked it up) . Every time you look at a person in your life / a gadget / an automobile , anything living or non living thing imagine that to be wrapped with a cute red bow . Bow - wow ! Does it not remind you of your birthday presents ?? Yay, yes I like the fact that the thought of it brought a smile on your face . Now imagine you treating every living and non living thing in your life as a present , you truly are going to feel happy and previledged about it. So next time you meet a friend, go out for a family dinner , buy anything for yourself - could be even vegetables ( mind you,most of them don't have the previledge of eating them) imagine it being wrapped in a cute red bow , let the happiness and joy fill your heart and say a word of THANK YOU!

By our guest writer :

Shilpa Murthy

Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Reader | Pranic Healer

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