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Signs or Coincidence? Let's Find Out!

Hey All, Yeah yeah , I know it's been a while since I posted something on my blog. I suppose as rare as seeing a shooting star (don't judge me)

So I have been doing a lot of thinking. Like what can I possibly write about that helps you and not just get view for my blog (I mean, I want that too but not the priority here) and then it hit me. I can start by answering some of the questions I have encountered from you people. Brilliant, right? Sure hope so, I follow the path of Hermione Granger after all (If you don't know that reference, I am judging you, jk..) but I won't cover everything today. I will cover one topic or question every other day to keep it detailed enough but not to bore you to your nightmare.

So, starting off with one question asked by one of my loyal client. It was a simple question really, I could have answered her right away but it slipped my mind (lately that's happening a lot. Am I old already?? Oh dear lord)

Anyway, it was - How do we differentiate sign and coincidence? Let me guess, you have most likely faced similar dilemma. I know I have. So, I will try to answer this to the best of my knowledge.

So the thing is, it's a thin line between coincidence and a sign. You will notice you're often surrounded by synchronicity or events occurring when least expected but making you feel like 'yes, this was a sign'. Chances are, it wasn't a sign , although you did want it to be and so badly. But how do you know the difference? I am going round in round but not really clarifying it ,am I? That's intentional. Have you noticed how these 'signs' keep repeating but your desire haven't manifested and you start to question that sign. Right?

Anyway, getting straight to the point. Coincidence happens because you're almost expecting it to , mostly by chance. However, a sign is something you specifically asked for and it's too specific to pass off as coincidence.

Like let's say, I ask the universe or my spirit guides 'hey my guides, if I am destined to be wealthy, show me the number plate 1717 at least 3 times in the next 3 weeks.' I asked and it is delivered. I see the number plate with 1717 at least 3 times within a week. That's not a co-incidence. That's divine confirmation. I have to accept it.

Now, let's say I keep thinking ' if I see his name, we're meant to be together ' and you see it after a few days or weeks but it's too vague request to the divine or your guides. 8 billion world population and some names are too common. It can be a sign but it can be a coincidence too. You will see what you want to see and keep seeing it while missing the true guidance. That's how we stay stuck in karmic loops.

Like I said, it's a thin line. Co-incidence can be the result of what you're thinking consistently, you attracted it. While signs are more of divine guidance. Yet both are something magical. Did I manage to clarify or did I confuse you more?

Don't be stingy (kanjus)-

Like, if I clarified

Comment, your doubt if it's still confusing.


Adrija Choudhury

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