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Many of you might be aware of the ‘New Earth’ shift. Our Mother Earth ( Mother Gaia) is shifting from 3D to 5D. Many of us will be journeying to the New Earth, as per various QHHT sessions done by practitioners across the globe. They have been able to find out that this shift will take place in the current timeline ( probably within the next 20 years). If you are sensitive or are a psychic you might have noticed the mini shifts happening already! In order to make it to the New Earth, people should raise their vibrations so as to align to the 5D version of Mother Gaia. Our vibrations can be raised by healing and freeing ourselves from the denser energies. The most powerful frequency you can tap into is that of LOVE (which is the frequency of New Earth). You have to fill your being and your whole system with love, this is going to heal your soul and increase your vibration. Some of the key steps in the healing journey involve- forgiving, self-love, honouring your own existence, detaching from ego, etc.

I would like to explain why this is important! Your soul carries huge baggage of dense emotions from your pasts ( even past lives and generational/ ancestral karmas). If you raise your energies with high frequencies like that of LOVE and GRATITUDE, it will uplift your soul and take you closer to the 5D. You have to harmoniously release those baggages to be light. Otherwise, that baggage will pull you down to the 3D level. If you are reading this, I want you to know that you are here for a reason. Your soul chose to be in this timeline of the biggest shift in the history of the universe for a reason so that you can be part of it. There is a reason why lightworkers and healers are awakening. We all are here to help each other evolve and be free from everything that no longer serves us! We all have free will, if you wish to stay here then you can. Because many souls are here to experience life on earth the way it is with complex emotions and live a beautiful life. Once this shift happens, the old earth will slowly deteriorate. 5D Earth will not be visible unless you are tuned into the right frequency. Earth will no longer be a planet to work out karmas. As per my research, I found that all the souls which still has karmas will be sent to denser planets ( that’s going to be a tougher experience)



➢ Be a good human being.

➢ Cultivate love within and outside you.

➢ Do meditation to ground yourself in the 5D. While meditating visualise yourself standing on the ground on New Earth. Imagine roots from your root chakra growing down through your legs and going deeper into the ground. As you breathe in imagine the pure energies from the New Earth filling up your body and as you breathe out, release it back to the New Earth itself. Do it for 5 minutes a day. It’s like a circulation of energy.

➢ Do as many good and generous deeds as possible.

➢ Give importance to healing your soul and heart! Do what is best for you.

➢ Find the reason for your existence – your soul purpose, and take action on it and choose to live a harmonious life. Live a peaceful and happy life, my dear beautiful souls

Much love and light


Niharika SR

Psychic, Tarot & Oracle reader,

Manifestation Coach ( Here to help heal and guide people)

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