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Do you want to cry?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

It's so hard, right?

So hard to keep pushing yourself, when everything seems to be falling apart within you and in your reality.

No, I am not going to tell you 'This too shall pass' ... Of course, it will but this is not going to lessen the pain you feel right now.

You Feel It! And it's that simple. No, don't hide your tears now, don't you stop yourself from letting your tears flow. Don't you stop yourself from screaming out loud to release that pain. That's only going to make it harder and more painful.

We keep saying, 'Heal Yourself, Focus on Self Love, Prioritise your Emotions' but that includes purging, it includes crying till you no longer have any tears left. It includes numbing yourself from receiving till you feel ready to open up again. Harsh truth, self-love doesn't mean you force yourself to feel positive and happy. That's toxic! Healing is being kind and patient with yourself as you allow yourself to feel the pain, so you can release it, so you don't forget how to value yourself again. Healing is acceptance. So you can pick yourself up when you fall down!!

But tonight, let yourself feel the pain.

Why? Your pain deserves to be felt, so it can say goodbye..!

And when you're finally done releasing it, make sure it doesn't continue to have any power over you.


Adrija Choudhury

Hekate Guidance

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