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Updated: Feb 28, 2022


A life without problems... Is what we want and think is a perfect life...

If you feel the same. You are definitely in an Illusion.

But from where do we believe a life like this exists???

Open your phone and the answer is just there!!

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

We open them and we start feeling bad about our lives in comparison to others.


Someone got promoted, you start feeling unhappy it hasn't happened to you.

Someone engaged or married, you feel incomplete because you still don't have a partner.

Someone bought a car, while you are managing your bills.

And a lot more like this. Now, what is the mistake?

We compare a part of someone's life, that they show on social media, to all the parts of our life. In turn, feeling nothing good is happening to me!!!


You read a friend got promoted, but you do not know how they are doing in their relationship. But you believed that their life is better than yours.

And we do this every single day. Comparing parts of others’ life to our entire life.

Get off social media and go back to your life and you'll realize there are a lot of things you should be happy and grateful about.

A happy life doesn't mean a life without problems.

A life without problems is an Illusion Unless you are in a coma.

Everybody has problems. The difference is some say that, 'Life has challenges' and some say, 'Life is unfair'

So, stop comparing yourself and come out of this illusion...

For how long do you want to live in that illusion?

By Our Guest Writer

Sonal K Oswal

Elevate Minds, India Graphologist, Counselor, and Reiki Grandmaster

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