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3 Habits to Control Anxiety

3 Habits to Control Anxiety

Hey there, if you clicked to read this blog, most likely you get anxious easily or you have anxiety issues. I don't blame you, life can get rough, and as someone who used to be anxious 24/7, I felt I could be the right person to share how I have managed to tame mine. Sure, there are moments when I still feel anxious but that's just human.

I am Adrija, and if you don't know me already, I am the co-founder and the psychic tarot reader on this platform (yes, I do offer other services too but this ain't the time to market myself). Now here are the 3 habits to control anxiety (Full Proof) as promised-

Answering your Anxiety :

So I noticed, that my anxiety used to stem from my fears, past wounds, events I witnessed with friends or family that left them wounded, and of course, the right instinct (as per my therapist too) would be to ignore such fleeting negative thoughts and not give them importance, but I do understand how easy it can be to give in to those thoughts, so here's how I have dealt with it and you can try the same - Answer your Anxiety. How?

Simple, if it presents a problem, have a solution ready on how you will deal with it with Plan A and B. When you feel prepared with your solution, that thought loses its power over you and you gain control

Reduce News/Random Content Consumption :

I know, you must be thinking - okay but how do I stay updated with what's happening everywhere? And that's completely understandable but completely unhealthy. The more gruesome news or anxiety-inducing news you consume, it creates a deep-rooted fear or worries without you realizing how much it starts impacting your life.

The same goes for random content, especially content that focuses on stating how much someone got wealthy overnight or married right. If such content makes you feel envious or reduces your confidence then avoid it till you can see the positive shifts in someone else's life as inspiration or how it can be possible for you just as easily.

And for news, keep it limited to important information once a day or once every week and only things that truly matter to you. If you're someone whose work or studies depend on the news (like civil service or trading, etc), then have an outlet that reprograms your mind right after consuming the overwhelming content. For eg- cartoons.

Get comfortable with Yourself:

The best way to control anxiety is to get comfortable with staying alone for short periods without doing anything to escape your thoughts. Instead, get comfortable with the alone time. You can take yourself out on a coffee date, or just sit down and sketch or pain, try to focus on the activity and not the escape, like if you're eating, focus on enjoying each bite.

This takes practice and eventually makes you feel like you're in control of your anxious thoughts and when you allow them to bother you.

I hope you try this and it helps you don't forget to like this blog and share it with someone who needs it.



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