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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What's tarot reading, and why should I take one?

Considered a form of divination or fortune-telling method, tarot has deeper roots than the simplistic definition of fortune-telling. Tarot identifies your past patterns, perceptions and choices and how you can work with past learnings to change the course of your future for a happier outcome. Whether you should take a reading or not, it's completely intuitive. If you're not ready for a reading or you don't believe in it, you won't find clarity through it but if you're open to accepting the truth as it is and you hold out belief for something much bigger than your reality, yes you should get a reading.

2. Why should I consider The Hekate Guidance?

Adrija Choudhury started The Hekate Guidance to be a one-stop platform for spiritual, mental, physical and emotional health partner with full transparency and clients' happiness and success as the focus. Adrija was the sole Tarot Reader & Healer on The Hekate Guidance from 2020 to establish a stable and trustworthy foundation and even now, she is on top of everything happening with each service provider. We take care of each client with utmost importance, with an option to avail refund for select services. We're here to maintain justice to your faith on what you invest your time and energy into and ensure you have the best experience. Adrija will handle any grievance with utmost sincerity and empathy for your situation

3. Who's Hekate and why is the website named so?

Hekate or Hecate, was the chief Greek goddess presiding over magic and spells. As goddess of the crossroads. Hecate rules over the night, magic, and places where three roads meet. Hekate is known as the Queen of witches as she has the power to alter a person's fate. She is the goddess that guides one to clarity when at a crossroads. When Adrija started her spiritual journey, she ended up sketching Goddess Hekate without realising it and then she did some research to find out what it meant, one thing led to another and she felt like dedicating this platform to the divine goddess who showed her the path to help millions someday.

4. What all services do you offer?

Currently, we have tried to keep the service providers limited to ensure that clients' requirements can be prioritized without confusing them with too many options. We have -

1. Sessions with Adrija that includes - Tarot Readings, dream interpretation, past life reading, tea leaf reading, future spouse sketch, candle healings and reiki 

2. Health with Dr Sushanta Choudhury - Includes virtual health check-ups at reasonable rates by a general medical practitioner with 25+ years of experience

3. Art Therapy with Shruti

4. Counselling with Sayali

5. Vastu with Salone and Preeti

6. Angel Card Reading with Maria Mendoza

5. What if I am not satisfied with the service or wish to get a refund or feel harassed by the service provider?

You can reach out directly to Adrija at +8178569950 or If any service provider makes you feel harassed, you can avail full refund and the service provider will be removed from this platform. However, to ensure no misuse of power happens, please ensure you have screenshots or recorded audio present of the event or situation.

6. How am I expected to behave as a client?

Respect your service provider. We're here to guide you on the right path. So if you come to us expecting us to be manipulated into guiding you the way you want and not how you need, you need to look at how you're being toxic towards yourself and your future. If you come to us, respect the guidance being offered, and respect the energy if you can feel it's right for you, even if it triggers your ego. Respect boundaries; don't call without permission or at any time of the day or night. Your guide is a human, too, and needs their own space. Respect our energy, and don't try to ask the same questions in the same situation constantly. Your guidance won't help if you can't work on it actively. Make the changes suggested and watch as things unfold beautifully for you. Pay before the session and if the service provider does allow payment after the session, please don't trouble them by not paying for days. 

7. Why are you asking for an address for online service?

Honestly, we're not. You're not expected to provide a genuine address while booking. Just put in random ones. Unfortunately, the third-party application we use for bookings on this platform 'wix' has enabled mandatory address collection and as such we have not been able to remove that option. Feel free to get creative with your fake address. However, for any orders from the metaphysical shop on our website, please ensure genuine and correct address. Thank you and we regret the inconvenience.

8. What's your refund policy?

 We offer refunds for select services. Please consult with the service provider before the session or payment to know if you can avail refund for that service. Instant refunds should be available for clients in India, while for any other country, expect a refund within 5-6 business days. If more than 3 business days for Indian clients and 10 business days for international clients have passed since we’ve approved your return, please get in touch with us at

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