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Our Team


Founder , CEO & Psychic Tarot Reader

Adrija Choudhury founded the Hekate Guidance with the vision to be a one-stop platform for physical, emotional, mental and emotional health with full transparency and assured results. She is our top Tarot Reader, Palm reader, Candle healer and offers exceptionally unique services with 98% success rate like future spouse sketch service, dream interpretation, inner child wound analysis and past life session



Dr Sushanta Choudhury is an experienced general medicinal practitioner with 25+ years of experience. He has been treating patients offline and online and has a 99% success rate. It took some convincing but we managed to get him onboard. 


Art Therapist & Counsellor

Shruti Mittal is a Certified psychologist with experience of counselling people of all age groups, have guided and helped people to work and improve on their difficulties dealing with stress and anxiety,
negative thinking, fears, troubling emotions, depression, letting go of past traumas, career
management, parenting, self-esteem, personal and professional growth.


Angel Card Reader

Maria Mendoza is an intuitive, empath & Angel card reader from USA. She has 9 years of experience, and her gift of clairaudience helps guide her clients with trustworthy and supportive guidance. She is honest, ethical and respectful and ensures that complete information is provided to clients to promote positive change and growth. She can deliver your readings in English & Spanish


Emotions Healer/Guide

Sayali Savle is an empath. Through her intuition, she guides people towards making the right decisions. Her natural ability to feel others' emotions & knowing the psychological aspects of the human mind helps bring peace, healing, and happiness to one's life, making them aware of the potential resources present within them to help overcome challenges. She also reads Tarot


Vastu Consultant

Salone Jagtap is a professional Vastu consultant with experience in all sorts of residential as well as commercial spaces. She is honest and straightforward and gives an in-depth analysis of the space given to her and advanced remedies for bringing love, wealth, success, happiness and more


Vastu Consultant

Preeti Jain is a well-known Vastu consultant with 12+ years of experience. She is the person for you if you know the importance of working with 16 directions, 32 padas, and 45 devtas will help you solve your life problems. Preeti Jain has helped many people to improve their lifestyle by creating a perfect ambiance at home, workplace, and more


Mindset Coach

Nikita Lahoti is a Mindset Coach. She is a Certified Cognitive Hypnotic Coach and believes the human mind is a really adaptive machine, and if you can train your mind and sync your mindset with what you truly desire and thereby take action for it, then you have the power to achieve anything in life. She uses various NLP, Hypnosis techniques and a structured coaching flow to bring out the best results for her clients.

 You can find out more about The Hekate Guidance by clicking the icons below. And you can find reviews of most of my clients in the Testimonial Menu.

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